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Boundaries are meant to be broken. We do it every day. MSI’s limit-shattering team of Web developers and designers, writers and graphic artists empowers you with digital capabilities that guarantee your business can shift as fast as the industry does.

  • Email: You might be surprised how effective your company’s emails can be with help from our artists. Every email you send is a tiny advertisement for your company, so it’s worth the effort to make them worth reading. We’ll ensure that when people see your name in their inbox, they click on it.
  • Social: The Internet is our new reality. A strong, noticeable presence on social media is no longer an “extra” in the business world - It’s the place to start. Conveniently, it’s also the place to grow your customer base over the long term. #wecanhelp #getexcited
  • Website: We’re better at creating awesome websites than anyone in the state. We invent engaging, easy-to-navigate sites that empower our clients to stand out, get noticed and create demand. And that is how to grow a business.
  • Real-time ad buying: Our Google-certified team monitors and purchases space in the places where your customers actually are when they’re actually there. And that impacts your bottom line.
  • Search: Want to be found? We employ intelligent search engine optimization and search engine marketing to make sure that when people do an Internet search for your website, it’s at the top of the list.
  • Analytics: Real-time tracking produces results that our team analyzes to optimize your entire digital presence. That means we make sure what we’re doing for you is working.


Here’s a revolutionary idea: We create a unique advertising strategy specifically designed for you. MSI was built on our ability to identify what makes each of our clients the standout in their industry, then communicate that to the specific audience they want to reach.

    • Issue campaigns: The MSI team is a battle-tested PR machine. From TV and radio to websites, editorials and even political cartoons, we are very effective at using every type of media format to protect Alaska’s interests. We’ve defeated unfair taxation and rallied the public to vote down industry-stifling legislation. We even helped Lisa Murkowski win a historic write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate.
    • Research: We roll up our sleeves and utilize both time-tested and innovative methods to collect and translate data. This is an enormously powerful tool for identifying how to communicate your messaging and how to adapt it going forward.
    • Branding: A brand is more than a logo. It’s a promise that tells people what to expect. Your brand is your reputation, and we can help you forge it into whatever you want it to be. If you’re not telling people who you are, someone else is. From letterhead to TV ads to crisis communications, we will empower you to be in control of your brand.
    • Campaign management: After 20 years in business, we have the experience to coordinate and oversee complex, multi-platform campaigns for maximum effectiveness and cost-efficiency.
    • Message development: We bring together the specialized experts on our team to collaborate messaging that achieves the best possible outcome for you.


Effective, unique creative work is at the heart of any successful communications campaign. At MSI, we excel at creating bold ideas that increase your brand’s visibility. And that means a growing business.

  • Copy: Our writing staff is simply unparalleled. Our copywriter came to us from Hollywood, our senior vice president was one of America’s first women newspaper editors, our newest account manager was one of the most accomplished TV/newspaper reporters in the entire state and it doesn’t stop there. MSI’s writing bench is deep.
  • Design: Advertising is often built on the back of design, and MSI proudly boasts Alaska’s preeminent creative director, master of our design team. He consistently pushes his team to dig deeper, try harder, create work that breaks away from what everyone else is doing. There are very, very few first drafts at MSI that don’t land in Jim’s trash.
  • Print: Whereas a Web ad is designed for split-second absorption, a print ad is designed to catch a reader’s eye and engage him or her. From programs at industry conventions to banners spanning entire walls in airports, we create print ads that get noticed.
  • TV/Radio: We are strong believers in the power of TV/radio advertising. For example, Alaska is home to one of the nation’s most notable charitable giving programs. We utilize heavy rotation of TV/radio spots, many created right here in-house, that have helped increase donations through the program every year MSI has represented it.


MSI’s media department is singularly successful. Our goal is to get your message in front of your audience, no matter where or who they are. Whether earned media (i.e. stories about you in the news) or purchased advertising – we’ve built relationships throughout the country that maximize your exposure.

  • Targeting: Ensuring that a particular ad is seen by the specific people you want to see it is, simply put, an art form that draws its power equally from experience and research.
  • Buying: This is all about knowing what we’re buying and how to the get best price for it to ensure you get the most exposure for your advertising dollars.
  • Traditional Media: If you grew up watching, reading or listening to it, that’s traditional media. And, regardless of what our kids say, TV, print and radio are still the best ways to reach the most people.
  • Strategy: We intelligently make media buys to target specific audiences. Older adults watch this show, 20-somethings visit these websites, et cetera. Our viewing habits are data-driven and our media buyers know who’s doing what, where, when and why.
  • Real-time buying: We track the performance of every ad, particularly within a larger campaign, so we can stop spending your money on venues that are underperforming and maximize your exposure on the best-performing websites or media venues.

Some of our work

We are privileged to work with the people who are driving Alaska’s economy, serving Alaskans and making us all proud.


The All-Star Roster

Laurie Fagnani

Lana Johnson
Campaign Strategy and Research



Kris Miller
Director of Client Services

Ashley Brinkman
Account Manager

Colleen Bailey
Account Executive

Keith Baxter
Account Executive

Dylan Faber
Account Executive

Michelle Jenkins
Production Manager

Alexis Sheeder
Account Coordinator


Jim Coe
Creative Director

Tara Storter
Associate Creative Director

Bryan Cadavos
Art Director

Eliana Nicolai
Graphic Designer

Bryan Meshke
Web Developer

Vladimir Titarenko
Web Programmer

Keith Popely

Loren Church
Video Producer


Steve Howell
Director of Digital Strategies

Geri Groeneweg
Traditional Media Strategist

Brady Siegel
Digital Marketing Coordinator


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